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Adv. Gil Salomon, Deputy Director-General of Regulation and Communications

Adv. Salomon serves as the Deputy Director-General of Regulation and Communications of the Israel Insurance Association (R.A) and of the Association of Life Insurance Companies of Israel LTD.


Adv. Gil Salomon is qualified to practice law and did his internship at the Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office in criminal law. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

He served as director general of Israel Bar Association. Before that, served as CEO and owner of a communications and strategy consulting firm for a number of organizations in the legal, political and economic fields.

He was a senior advisor to Ministers of Justice, Daniel Friedmann and Yaakov Ne'eman, a reporter for legal affairs on Channel One, and an adviser to the director general of the Ministry of Tourism.

Adv. Salomon also serves as a mediator, a judge for the Football Association in the Player's Status committee, a member of the district planning and construction appeal committee, and as chairman of the committee advises the Minister of health to select outstanding volunteers.


Adv. Salomon worked at the Ministry of Defense. Currently, he serves as a reserve major. In his last position in the regular army service, he served as a company commander at the officer's school.



Adv. Gil Salomon, the Deputy Director-General of Regulation and Communications of the Associations

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