Israel Insurance Association (R.A)

Migdal Insurance Company Ltd.

Member of the Israel Insurance Association and the Association of Life Insurance companies of Israel


Migdal was established in 1934 in Jerusalem, by families of business people who operated under British rule, a group of Jewish families from Alexandria and the Italian insurance company Generali.

The name Migdal was created by the national poet Haim Nachman Bialik, as an expression to the strength and security Migdal provides its clients. The poet Shaul Tchernichovsky was the first doctor in the company.

During the 40's a bank that was later renamed the Bank Leumi LeIsrael, became a company shareholder. The business cooperation between Generali and the Bank Leumi LeIsrael was maintained since then.

Migdal's shareholders are: Eliahu Insurance Company ltd - 69.3% and the public - 30.7% .

Senior Management


Danino Yohanan - chairman, Board of Directors Migdal Insurance Company Ltd.


Ofer Eliahu, CEO of Migdal Insurance, Head of Customers, Service and Distribution Channels Division


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