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The story  of the company begins at the end of the 1930’s when, after the old Ha’Emek railway had set fire to the settlements’ grain fields over and over again and the insurance companies had refused to cover this risk, a handful of the kibbutzim of the time decided to adopt the basic idea of mutual insurance and established the mutual agricultural insurance fund.

That mutual fund has come a long way since then. Beginning with field and crops fire insurance, the fund then added coverage for supplies to the farms, tractors and vehicles and, over the course of the years, industrial and liabilities insurance, and in recent years we have also established a subsidiary, the successful Atudot pensions fund.

Over the years the mutual agricultural fund went through several changes of name before finally settling on Bituach Haklai Central Cooperative Society Ltd., which is owned by 279 kibbutzim ,moshavim and associations in the agricultural settlement sector, acts as an insurance company in every sense of the term, authorised to operate in all branches of insurance and, like every other Israeli insurer, subject to state inspection.

Some 65% of all the society's revenues emanate from insurances for kibbutzim and plants and businesses connected with them, and some 35% emanate from insurances for the private sector through selected insurance agents. 
 Faced with the need to find appropriate solutions to the size and complexity of kibbutz industry (we insure some 310 plants for more than four billion dollars), the company have attained a high level of expertise in this branch of insurance and operate with the backing of leading international reinsurers, who grant a unique and particularly wide-scale reinsurance coverage.

With the beginning of the 70th year of the compamy existence, it now have an annual revenue turnover of some NIS.540,000,000, generated by some 100,000 policies of various types in the general insurance industry. At the beginning of 2002, the new Bituach Haklai management defined it's goals and objectives as follows:-

To be a prosperous, innovative insurance company that works throughout the agricultural sector and in all branches of insurance in accordance with business and economic criteria, providing its clients with professional, honest, reliable services, thus ensuring that  insureds will continue to find it worth while to place their trust in the company.


Senior Management

Chairman of the Board                Doron Satt

Managing Director                     Elad Shelef

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