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Ayalon Insurance Company Ltd.

Member of the Israel Insurance Association and the Association of Life Insurance companies of Israel

About the Company


The Ayalon Insurance Company was founded in late 1976 by Levy Yitzhak Rachmani. The original principals were Shlomo Rachmani and Sons Ltd and the foreign insurance company, New Zealand. Shlomo Rachmani and Sons Ltd was a family-owned insurance agency that was founded by the late Mr. Shlomo Zalman Rachmani making Ayalon Insurance Company a company that has been active in Israel’s insurance market for some 86 years.


In April 1986, as a result of a reorganization of the New Zealand Group, the latter decided to sell its holdings in Ayalon to the Rachmani family. In July 1987 Ayalon offered its shares to the public.



Today, the principal shareholder at Ayalon is Mr. Levy Yitzhak Rachmani.


The company operates by means of five regional offices – the Tel Aviv district office, the Haifa district office, the Jerusalem district office and the Netanya district office. The company operates through a network of around 1,200 agents and agencies throughout Israel.  The company is active in all areas of general insurance, life insurance and health insurance. The company has a staff of around 600 employees and the Group as a whole employs some 850 people.


The Principal reinsurers of the company are: Swiss Re, Munich Re, Partner  Re,  Everest Re & Scor.


In 2005 Ayalon moved to its new premises, Ayalon Insurance House, a 20 storey building located at 12 Abba Hillel Silver Street, Ramat Gan.


The Shlomo Rachmani College of Insurance and Finance was founded by the Bureau of Insurance Agents in Israel, with the support of the Rachmani family, in memory of the late Mr. Shlomo Rachmani, founder of the Rachmani family’s insurance business.


The  company's clients include: "Hever" (a consumer organization that serves members of the Israeli "standing" army , their spouses and pensioners); Egged and Dan Cooperative transportation companies; Large Construction companies such as A Dori, Minrav, Ramet; Municipalities such as Tel Aviv, Bersheva , Ramat Gan , Haifa; The Israeli Insurance Agents  Association; some of the largest professional offices in the country-   Lawyers , Accountants , Engineers and Architects; various other institutions such as Children's kindergartens of the religious sectors and many other excellent clients





  • Ayalon Trustees Insurance Agency Ltd – an agency specializing in pension planning and services for more than 1,000 employers.
  • Ayalon Canada Ltd – a company that invested in income producing real estate in Canada. At the end of 2006 the investment was sold for a profit of 100% on the capital.
  •  Ayalon H.L.B. Assets and Investments Ltd – a company that purchased 9 stories in a 20 storey building in the Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat Gan for use of the company and as income producing real estate, with a value of around NIS90 million. The rest the building was purchased by companies affiliated with the company.
  • Ayalon Company Management Provident Funds Ltd managing funds of Shekels 3.6 Billion.
  • Ayalon Pension, previously Spring Pension Fund Management Ltd.
    Wholly owned by Ayalon and manages two pension funds with a value of Shekels 700 million.
  • Magen Pension Fund Management Ltd – Ayalon holds 80% and 20% is held by P'ssagot Investment house (the largest in Israel) with option to increase to 49%. The company manages the pension fund assets of approx. Shekels 700 million.
  • Mei Aran Building and Holding Co 2001 ltd.
    This wholly owned company has 77% of the rights to a 3 acre plot of land in the Kiryat Motzkin area on which stands the "Makpetz Diur " .


The Company’s Vision

  • Cultivating its human capital
  • Enhancing its "family" character
  • Cultivating its relationships with insurance agents


Senior Management


Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Muky Abramovich


Mr. Arik Yogev, CEO


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