Israel Insurance Association (R.A)

Clal Insurance, Pensions and Finance Group

Member of the Israel Insurance Association and the Life Insurance Association


Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd

Established: 1987

For over three decades, Clal Insurance Enterprise Holdings Ltd. has provided Israel with comprehensive insurance solution, investments and pensions to private and corporate clients.

Line of Business: Insurance, including Long Term Savings, Non-Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Financial Services

The Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd. Group is part of the IDB Group. The IDB Group owns 55% of its shares, while Bank Hapoalim holds 10%, with the rest held by the public at large. Clal's shares are traded on the Tel Aviv stock Exchange The Clal Group holds a 19% share of the insurance market and manages hundreds of billions of Shekel-denominated assets.

Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings ("Clal") is rated A- by Standard & Poor's Maalot.


The group owns insurance agencies, pension funds, provident funds, advanced training funds, loan companies and financial asset management companies. The group has about 4,000 employees and works with 2,000 insurance agents. All these activities place Clal as Israel's leading insurance, pension, and financial services group.


Members of the Board of Directors

Naveh Danny, Chairman

Dr. Kaplan Avigdor

Cohen Eliahu

Bandel Shulamit, Outside Director

Dankner Nochi

Hannes Lior

Eran Amos

Sadeh Amnon

Dior Ya'akov, Outside Director

Prof. Yossi Yagil, Outside Director

Albek Shoni


Senior Management

Izzy Cohen C.E.O, Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings Ltd

Jacob Zekaria, Executive VP, Business Unit Manager

Elite Caspi, Executive VP Head of Non-Life Insurance Division

Yoni Kuperman, Executive VP, Head of Long-Term Savings Division

Moshe Ernst, Executive VP, Chief of Headquarter

Joshua Burstein, Executive VP,  Head of Investments, Funding and Finance Division, CEO Canaf - Clal Financial Management Ltd

Ronit Zalman Malach, Executive VP, Chief Finance Officer

Ofer Brandt, Executive VP, Chief Actuary and Life Insurance Actuary

Naama Hashmonai, Senior VP, Chief Non-Life Insurance Actuary

Yoram Naveh, CEO Clal Finance Ltd.

Haim Rer, Executive VP, Claims Unit Manager

Reuven Kaplan, Executive VP, Customer Relationship, Marketing and Strategy Unit Manager

Daniel Cohen, Senior VP Head of Health Insurance Division

Nis Agmon, Executive VP Head of Resources Division

Yosef Avital, Senior VP, Internal Audit

Hadar Brin Weiss, Senior VP, General Counsel

Hila Conforti, Executive VP, Chief Risk Officer

Gil Arazi, CEO Clalbit Sys



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