Israel Insurance Association (R.A)

The Insurance Companies Clearing Center Ltd


The Insurance Companies Clearing Center Ltd (hereinafter:“ the Clearing Center”) is a subsidiary of the Israel Insurance Association (RA) and was established in 1979.

The Clearing Centeris intended for providing specific technical services to insurance companies, mainly data communications services between the insurers and the authorities.

The management of the ClearingCenter:Chairman Mr. Arye Eisenbach, CEO Mr. Nissim Mizrahi

The services of the Clearing Center are available to all Israel’s insurance companies, including those that are not members of the Association of Insurance Companies in Israel.

In order to carry out its goals, the Clearing Center has a technological infrastructure that enables it to perform its activity, in the following areas:

  • Carrying out arbitration verdicts handed down by the arbitration institution for property insurance “bodywork claims,” including collecting the fee for filing a claim for arbitration (the arbitration institution operates under a permit from the Antitrust Commissioner).
  • Providing a computerized infrastructure for managing the settling of accounts in respect of compulsory insurance-related claims stemming from accidents in which a heavy vehicle and a light vehicle are involved (“heavy-light”).The settling of accounts is managed by an external CPA (the “heavy-light” mechanism operates under a permit from the Antitrust Commissioner).
  • The provision of automation services enabling the insurance companies to address queries to the Licensing Bureau’s database (the queries are under the Fifth Addendum to the Traffic Ordinance).
  • Providing linking services to the computerized system of the Execution Office, enabling insurance companies to obtain third party seizures in a computerized manner and to provide responses regarding the seizures to the Execution Office’s system by means of the ClearingCenter.  
  • Communication service with the police on the subject of stolen vehicles and stolen vehicles that were found.
  • Settling undisputed accounts between insurers  

Address:Tel Aviv, 39 Rothschild Boulevard. Phone:Fax: 03-5677338  03-5662906