Israel Insurance Association (R.A)

Hachshara Insurance Company

Member of the Israel Insurance Association and the Life Insurance Association


Hachshara Insurance Company is one of the senior insurance companies in Israel. It was purchased in 2006 by the Elezra Group, and today serves as the group's insurance division, focusing on three main areas: insurance, real estate and vehicles.



Corporate Vision

Hachshara Insurance Company strives to become a company which:

         Markets insurance, pension funds and financial tools through agents

         Is one of the most preferred by agents

         Is respected, both quality-wise and service-wise

         Is like a family to its employees and agents

         Is sensitive to the needs of its agents, and develops with them a range of solutions which suit their customers' requirements



The areas in which the company is active:

         Elementary insurance (general)

         Life insurance

         Health insurance




The company's values:

         High quality service to both agents and customers

         Reliability and fairness

         Professional and innovative




Senior Management

Eli Elezra - Chairman of the Board

Shimon Meron - C.E.O





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